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5 Things to Consider and Conquer at Quest Lough Derg

5 Things to Consider and Conquer at Quest Lough Derg

Taking part in Quest Lough Derg is challenging but exhilarting! Here are 5 things to consider and then conquer:

 1. Running: Quest Lough Derg involves some trail running across varied terrain, including forests, hills, and possibly muddy or uneven surfaces – depending on the weather. The race to the finish requires a run across the Shannon on a temporary pontoon (or floating) bridge built especially for the event.

2. Cycling: The Quest Lough Derg cycle stages take place on rural roads, so it is recommended that participants have good cycling skills, and are aware of other competitors around them and behind them.

3. Kayaking: Quest Lough Derg includes a kayaking stage across the lake. Your kayak and life jacket are supplied for you. No previous experience of kayaking is required. The kayaks take two people, so you will be paired up with another competitor when you arrive at this stage (you might even make a new friend!).

4. Transition Zones: During the race, there are transition zones where participants switch between different disciplines (e.g., from running to cycling or kayaking). Manage these transitions to your best ability to conserve time and energy.

5. Mental Endurance: Adventure races are physically demanding, but also require the ability to stay focused and motivated. You can do it!

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