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Adventure Racing Ireland Rules & Guidelines

Solo Adventure Race 2024 National Series Events: Rules & Guidelines

The following is Adventure Racing Ireland’s recommendations for all Solo Adventure Races in the 2024 National Series.

These  have been discussed and agreed with representatives from the National Series events and it is hoped that all race organisers will embrace these rules and indeed the spirit of them as they are intended to aid race organisers and participants alike and lead to uniform standards across all races.

This should ease the burden on Race Directors to make on the day decisions and lead to a safer and better race experience for all with uniform expectation on competitors and hopefully “no argument” for any transgressions of these safety led recommendations & rules.

Pre, during and post event kit checks are recommended to ensure compliance to these rules.

Mandatory Kit

  • All stages: full sleeved waterproof jacket to be carried /or worn on all stages of the race.
  • All stages: foil safety blanket or survival bag to be carried on all stages of race.
  • Working front & back lights on all bike sections.
  • All stages: Any other item of kit, as stipulated by Race Directors as mandatory, to be carried e.g. hat/buff, gloves, full leg cover, waterproof leggings, high viz, etc.
  • Bike stages: approved bike helmet to be worn with strap closed for entire duration of bike stages.
  • Kayak stages: approved buoyancy aid to be worn for entire duration of kayak stages.


  • Minimum 10 minute penalty for non-compliance with any of 1, 2, 3 or 4 above on any stage – Further penalty at Race Director’s Discretion.
  • Where none of the specified mandatory kit items are carried at any stage of the race then the person involved should be disqualified.
  • Non-compliance to 5 or 6 results in disqualification.


No TT bikes or bikes fitted with any type of Tri Bars/ Extension bars are permitted.

Penalty: disqualification.


Kayak Stages Recommendation

It is recommended that a pre-specified number of the leading competitors arriving at the kayak stage be obliged to use single kayaks, providing there are single kayaks or a timeout available.

We acknowledge that this recommendation is up to the discretion of the Race Directors and subject to local conditions, equipment available, etc. but a system to avoid leaders teaming up in kayak stage is highly recommended.



Participants carry a charged mobile phone in a waterproof bag with the Race’s Emergency number stored.

Organisers are recommended to have Race Emergency Number on back of race number & Participant’s Medical Details – Participants to complete their details and their personal emergency contact details prior to race start.

Note: No unauthorised use of another participant’s race number permitted – Immediate Disqualification.

Note: No support crews permitted on course for any participant.

No drop off of race kit, food, drink, etc. on race route or transitions by participant or others. Immediate Disqualification.

Note: No unauthorised use of aided travel by bike or kayak unless expressly authorised in advance by the Race Director. For Example – Using an E Bike, Paddle type kayak.


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