Why You Should do an Adventure Race in 2023

Why You Should do an Adventure Race in 2023 There are plenty of reasons to sign up to an Adventure Race in 2023: Community Experience more Go outside your comfort zone Something different Get outside    “Adventure racing is a sport that is growing rapidly in interest in Ireland. Just take a look at the […]

Quest 2023 Payment Options

Quest Events 2023: Payment Options 2023 Season Pass This year we are delighted to announce that we have reintroduced the Quest Event Season Pass. On registration, you will have the option to purchase an individual Quest event or sign up to all 4 Quest events using the 2023 Season Pass. Purchasing a Season Pass gives […]

Quest Killarney Road Closures

Quest Killarney Road Closures There will be some road closures to allow the safe running of this event. The main road closure in place is the N71 Killarney to Molls Gap road which will be closed from the Main Entrance of Muckross House to the top of Molls Gap from 6am to 4pm. Road Closed: […]

Quest Killarney: All You Need to Know

Over 2,500 adventure racers will descend on Killarney on Saturday 1st October to run, cycle and kayak their way around the mountains for the welcome return of Quest Killarney  – the first time the event has been able to return to the area since 2019. All the information on start times, finish times, road closures, […]

Quest Lough Derg Car Parking

Please find below some information and guidance on car parking for the weekend of Quest Lough Derg. Traffic will be very heavy in Killaloe and Ballina on Friday. There are standard delays in this area (even when Quest Lough Derg is not taking place) of about 40 minutes. We will have two manned car parks […]

The Importance of Practising Race Fuelling

We are delighted to team up with David Dunne and Dr Sam Impey from Hexis to shed some light on the importance of race fuelling. The simple trick of practising your race fuelling can have serious benefits on your race day performance! This happens because your training quality can go up, your body is adapted to the […]

Quest Lough Derg Road Closures

We would kindly like to draw your attention to the following road closures that will be in place during Quest Lough Derg on 10th September 2022, and would like to thank Tipperary County Council and Clare County Council for their co-operation and help in the planning and implementation of these closures. Lakeside Drive Road Closed […]

Nutrition for Adventure Racing: How to fuel your training

We are delighted to team up with David Dunne and Dr Sam Impey from Hexis to bring you tricks and tips on what to eat in the build-up to race day. Adventure racing encompasses multiple disciplines such as running, cycling and kayaking, exposes you to challenging (but fun and scenic) courses, and will require some teamwork.  […]

Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands

Come for Quest Lough Derg and stay longer to explore Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands! Discover the magic of this beautifully unspoiled part of Ireland, where life moves at its own pace. Listen to the ebb and flow of trickling streams, and explore magical forest treks and trails. Meander across expansive boglands, majestic mountains and open valleys. […]

What You Need to Know About Quest Lough Derg

Quest Lough Derg: What, Where and When Quest Lough Derg takes place on 10th September 2022. Race around some of Ireland’s most iconic waterways, kayak on majestic Lough Derg and run along the banks of the mighty Shannon. Cycle through country roads, quaint villages and sprawling forests and then bask in the glow of achievement. […]