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5 Things to Consider and Conquer at Quest Lough Derg

5 Things to Consider and Conquer at Quest Lough Derg Taking part in Quest Lough Derg is challenging but exhilarting! Here are 5 things to consider and then conquer:  1. Running: Quest Lough Derg involves some trail running across varied terrain, including forests, hills, and possibly muddy or uneven surfaces – depending on the weather. […]

Kayaking Tips for Beginners

Kayaking tips for beginners So, you’ve signed up for your first adventure race or you’re considering it and you’re thinking ‘I must be mad, I’ve never been in a kayak before’ – well never fear, you are not alone! The joy of the kayak sections is:  a) we provide the kayak so you don’t have […]

What’s the difference between each of the Quest events and routes?

What’s the difference between each of the Quest events and routes? Sometimes we get asked how our events compare with each other and what the difference is in the routes on our events?  Here’s some info to help answer that.  Quest Adventure Series is the overarching name for 4 different Quest events which take place […]

Clips or Flat Pedals – The Great Debate!

Clips or flat pedals – the great debate! This is a seemingly never-ending debate for adventure racers: what should they use on race day? Flat pedals and trail runners vs. clip-in and cycle shoes. Here we look at the advantages of both options.   The pros for clip-in and cycle shoes: Better pedaling: As you […]

Adventure Racing Ireland Rules & Guidelines

Solo Adventure Race 2024 National Series Events: Rules & Guidelines The following is Adventure Racing Ireland’s recommendations for all Solo Adventure Races in the 2024 National Series. These  have been discussed and agreed with representatives from the National Series events and it is hoped that all race organisers will embrace these rules and indeed the spirit […]

First Time Adventurer

Amanda Rogers takes us through her first adventure race. Having taken part in triathlons previously she took the leap to Quest and headed to Glendalough with friend Fiona and unofficial coach Linda. I decided to sign up to Quest when some friends were talking about it. My training consisted of weekly runs, turbo sessions and […]

Nutrition for Adventure Racing: How to fuel your training

We are delighted to team up with David Dunne and Dr Sam Impey from Hexis to bring you tricks and tips on what to eat in the build-up to race day. Adventure racing encompasses multiple disciplines such as running, cycling and kayaking, exposes you to challenging (but fun and scenic) courses, and will require some teamwork. […]

Quest Glendalough Train & Drive in Association with Volvo Cars

Quest Glendalough Training Day in Association with Volvo Cars: Saturday 2nd March 2024 Quest Glendalough is delighted to team up with event sponsor Volvo to bring you a very special training day to help you get ready for Quest Glendalough 2024! This event is FREE and open to anyone who has signed up for Quest […]

Beat the January Blues

Beat the January Blues After all the parties, eating and drinking over the Christmas holidays it can be hard to shake of the January Blues. Here are our simple steps to beat them: Exercise Often: our exercise routine goes out the window over the holidays. Return to the gym as soon as possible. Remember to […]

Quest 2024 Season Pass and Payment Plans

Quest 2024: Season Pass and Payment Options 2024 Season Pass This year we are delighted to announce that we have reintroduced the Quest Event Season Pass. On registration, you will have the option to purchase an individual Quest event or sign up to all 4 Quest events using the 2024 Season Pass. If you purchase […]


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